SOFT - The cooperation body for access technology

SOFT is a neutral and independent member organization that aims to promote safety and quality in the performance of access technology in particular and work at height in general.

Promotes safety and competence

SOFT has contributed to the establishment of a national standard for rope access in Norway. To take care of the certification scheme in "NS 9600 - Work in rope", SOFT has established a certification body - SOFT Sertifisering AS.

SOFT will work to safeguard Norwegian interests in the European standardization organization CEN and contribute to increased cooperation with international organizations, including through ECRA

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Access technology

Climber hanging under a rig

Access technology

Access engineering (also known as industrial climbing) is a safe, efficient and cost-saving method for carrying out jobs in places that may be difficult to reach using other access methods.

Access technology can be used as an alternative to scaffolding, where work is to be carried out over a shorter period of time and where the number of operators performing work is limited, provided that this is equally acceptable in terms of risk.

Access technology or fall protection - what difference does it make?

Through increasingly close contact with the authorities and other stakeholders, we as an industry body are learning more and more. At the same time, we see changes in regulations, which in turn provides a basis for reflection. NS 9600 is currently being revised with the aim of making it easier to use and better complementing/clarifying regulations. In addition, a standardization project on fall protection is in progress. SOFT is actively involved in both these projects by having management responsibility for the committees working on these projects.

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